Skills UK Ltd - "Giving you the advantage"

Our Mission

Skills UK Ltd will ensure that:

  • We deliver the highest quality training possible using first class trainers and industry experts
  • Every learner receives a first class experience
  • Every business receives the maximum ROI (Return On Investment)
  • We deliver in a flexible, business focused manner
  • Learners and Employers receive the highest levels of support and service
  • We actively develop new training approaches to help people learn quickly and enjoyably, whilst overcoming obstacles
  • We create standards, which others follow, to empower people to reach their full potential.

Who will we work with?
Skills UK Ltd will work with partners and key strategy makers to realise our mission and enable our vision.

Skills UK Ltd Vision

Giving you the advantage by:

  • Removing barriers to ensure your success
  • Sharing impartial information, advice and guidance so you make the right choices
  • Providing high quality training programmes that motivate you to succeed
  • Encouraging you to continue learning
  • Supporting you to reach your goals.

Skills UK Ltd Values

Our values underpin all the things we do and the way we run our business. They apply equally to all of our people, whatever their jobs and wherever in the UK they work.

· We act with integrity
We are sincere, principled and we mean what we say. We act cohesively, we support each other as a team and we can be relied upon.

We act honestly
We are honest in our dealings with customers, suppliers, the communities we work in and each other. We are candid and we tell it like it is.

· We act fairly
We act fairly with our business partners, customers and suppliers. We are decent and law abiding. We are trustworthy.

· We communicate clearly and openly
We believe in clear and open communications and we promote consultation, co-operation and teamwork.


We have always operated to some of the most stringent quality standards available. Our own quality systems are designed around ensuring you, the learner, are receiving the highest possible levels of support and service.

Our systems measure learner satisfacton, employer satisfaction and our own standards of delivery and quality of materials. This will give you peace of mind and confidence that you are dealing with a highly focused, quality establishment.

External Quality Standards are continually being met and exceeded. As a training organisation we are scrutinised by 'Awarding Bodies', The SFA (Skills Funding Agency), EMQC (East Midlands Quality Council) and other Government Agencies such as IiP (Investors in People).

To Request Further Infomation

If you are having difficulties in accessing or locating the information you need, or if you simply require further advice or guidance, please telephone our Confidential Helpline on 01623 499200.

You can also email

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