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A Different Way to Learn

Are you too busy to attend a college course? - then do your learning at home or on the move with Distance learning and e-learning courses.

Distance Learning Courses Available
Select a course of your choice and you could start your training programme straight away...if it suits you of course!

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Skills UK Ltd offers Skills4all and Skills@home, allowing you to undergo training and gain a qualification at a pace to suit you.

Skills UK Ltd's Assessors will support you in your place of work or at home by telephone, email or postal service.

Try Learning at Home

Not all learning takes place in a classroom, in fact the truth is, most learning programmes can be arranged at times to suit your needs.

Our courses are quite simply about you and your needs as an individual. If you are independent individual who needs little face to face contact, then these programmes are ideal for you. These learning programmes allow you to pick and choose the level of support you require. There may be some topics were you will need little support and others were you will need a lot more.

But what if I haven’t studied for a long time? You will receive a high level of mentor and marking support throughout your programme, so you can rest assured your trainer will be on hand to help you through your chosen course. Support and guidance from Skills UK Ltd is available when you need it – remember this course is designed to suit your needs as an individual.

It is also important for you to recognise that we have a vast range of expert trainers who have accumulated experience and knowledge from many years of working in industry and have supported numerous learners to achieve their chosen qualification/s. You will be matched with one of these trainers, ensuring you have expert information available to you.

For people who work within their area of study, this proves to be a massive advantage. And for those studying a new area it proves to be even more advantageous, as the trainer is able to give real industry examples and understanding, which is required in order for you to make the transition.

Advantages of Learning Anywhere

  • You can undertake a Learning course whilst employed
  • You can learn any time, any place
  • Support can be provided 24/7 at times suitable to you
  • Our courses takes into account your prior knowledge
  • It helps you to return to learning and further develop your skills