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Feedback your Comments, Compliment our Service or member of Staff

We are committed to providing a quality service to everyone. To enable us to do this we are constantly looking for ways of improving the quality of our service. You are in the best position to judge how we are doing and your comments will certainly help us to acknowledge when something has gone wrong with our service so we can put it right.

You may wish to compliment a member of our staff if you have received excellent service. We would like you to tell us when you are pleased with something we have done. You can use the Compliments and Comments form below to do this, then click on 'OK'.

Compliments highlight good practices, which in turn could be introduced into other areas of our service.

Make a Complaint

Most problems can be solved by talking to the appropriate person:
- Your Assessor
- Training Coordinator
- Director

It is important not to let problems get too big or out of hand. Report the problem straight away.  Please describe your complaint/grievance as fully as possible, including locations, dates, times of any incidents and names of any people involved then click on the 'send' button below.

If you are having difficulty completing this form please telephone Samantha on 01623 499200 to report your complaint.

You can view our Complaints Policy by clicking here.

Request Further Information

If you are having difficulties in accessing or locating the information you need, or if you simply require further advice or guidance, please telephone our helpful Customer Service team on 01623 499200.

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