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Skills for Life

What are they?

It is important to have the ability to read, write, speak English and use mathematics at a level necessary to function and progress at work and in society in general.

Gaps in literacy, numeracy, ICT (Information & Communications Technology) and Language skills can mean:

  • Inaccurate paperwork
  • Time wasted through errors
  • Mistakes caused through inaccurate calculations
  • Poor communications with suppliers, customers and colleagues
  • Lower production rates as new procedures cannot be followed
  • Increased absence through injury or inability to train

We have the ability and the expertise to raise an individual's performance from Entry Level to an efficient Level 2.

Benefits of Skills for Life:

  • Creates a better understanding of the working environment
  • Improves quality of work and output
  • Promotes greater creativity
  • Improves flexibility/ability to cope with change
  • Increases confidence and competence
  • Reduces absenteeism
  • Improves Health and Safety compliance

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